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We treat the root cause, not just the symptoms of disease.

At Pana Health, our mission is to guide patients safely off pharmaceuticals or prevent the need for them altogether. Through our telemedicine appointments, we extend our integrative and functional medicine approach to you from the comfort of your home. To learn more about our practice and how we can serve you, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with us.

We are writing a new script for health
researching alternatives to prescription medications

Have you been prescribed medication and are wondering if there is an alternative to pharmaceuticals? Prescription drugs are the go-to solution in our healthcare system like never before with more and more being given to patients regardless of side effects.
At Pana Health, we believe medications have their place in healthcare but not at the level they are currently prescribed. Our goal is to serve patients that do not want to succumb to the cycle of drug therapy that ends in managing side effects and more illness.
If you are searching for another way to treat disease in your body, contact Pana Health to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Carter. He brings his expertise in western and holistic medicine to his patients. The side effects of this approach are a weaning off most prescription medications and a better baseline of health.
This isn't rocket science. It is just good medicine. And good medicine doesn't always require a pharmacy. Together, let's write a new script for your health. 

Pana Health is your solution if...

Let's write a new script for your health.


What Patients Say

"Dr. Carter is an outstanding practitioner and person! He is insightful, knowledgeable, compassionate, and highly capable. I first became a patient several years ago when I was near death and in critical condition. He not only cured my critical illness but diagnosed the underlying causes that were high contributors to my illness. Later we worked together to address some challenges as it related to overmedicating some of my symptoms. He suggested an alternative approach that worked wonderfully! I fully recommend Dr. Carter and owe my new life to him."

Steven L.

Dr. Jeffrey Carter MD

Meet Dr.Carter 

Dr. Jeffrey Carter MD is a practicing Trauma Surgeon, Critical Care Doctor, and Integrative Medicine Specialist.  He is the founder of Pana Health, an integrative and functional medicine telehealth practice serving patients in PA, VA, and NY. At Pana Health, the full range of health is assessed: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This allows us to get to the root of your health problems and, through an integrative and functional approach, teach you to reclaim your health while minimizing or eliminating the use of pharmaceuticals. 

"Pay attention to your body. The point is everybody is different. You have to figure out what works for you."

Dr. Andrew Weil

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